Quickbooks Error Code 6129 0

QuickBooks Error 6129 0 is a Technological Error, This Error occurs when the multiple users try to open the company file in the single-user mode. It is finding some common Error like  6129 0 when you produce a new company file in your QuickBooks accounting solutions. This Error can also occur when you Discrepancy between the transaction file and the company file. Today I am discussing QuickBooks Error 6129 0 and given the best solution to your problem. You read this post and get your problem-related information.

Why does this error occur?

QuickBooks  error 6129 0 There are many reasons that can cause problems

  • First of all, you should check whether the antivirus is running on your system or not, which is an error when you create a new file.
  • A network connection is not correct
  • If you update your company’s files from an older QuickBooks version without using the administrator login details for Windows Login.
  • When your client machine and your domain do not match.

How to solve Quickbooks error 6129 0?

You can solve your Quickbooks error 6129 0 problems by executing several solutions suggested by this post. You can solve your problem with solution 1, all steps are very useful for solving your problem. You should do these solutions systematically so that you get excellent results.

Solution 1:

If you try to update the company file then you get this error.

  • First of all, you open a new file to check that the Quickbooks error appears on your company file or all other Quickbooks are with the company file.
  • Now log in to your QuickBooks to enter Windows and update the file.
  • If you cannot log in to your own QuickBooks, you can get technical support for Windows.


  • You can click on leave when you are Easy-Stop QuickBooks Software.
  • If you see the message of saving the file? and click on the yes option.
  • Now enter a unique name for the file and then click on the save option.

Solution 3: If you want to use Safe Mode on Windows when Disable antivirus.

  • Firstly you restart your system without changing the safe mode.
  • Now you Disable the running antivirus software
  • You do nat internet connection use when you disable the running antivirus software. You must disconnect your system from the internet connection before you disable running antivirus software.
  • Now you can create another company file.
  • You can keep your system in the normal mode. and restart it.
  • Now open the company file.

Solution 4: Edit the QuickBooks Network Descriptor  files 

  • Firstly you find out .nd file from hard drive on your system that hosts and shared folder of QuickBooks Company File.
  • Now right-click the network descriptor file and select your QuickBooks company file and rename this company folder.
  • You download the company file name.qbw.nd.OLD.
  • If errors are still found in your system, now click on the next steps. When you are using QuickBooks software on a system, you have an option to open the company file immediately.
  • Now you click on the short button of your windows and select the programs> QuickBooks data services manager.
  • You click on Scan Folders.
  • If not find any folder then you click on the new folder.
  • Now click on the Scan.
  • Click on the close  button when Scan Finished 
  • Now You open the company file and check the problem solved or not solved.

Solution 5: Create another Folder and navigate the QuickBooks Company files

  • Firstly you create another file folder.
  • Now navigate the company file and open the new folder.
  • If you using QuickBooks Software on one system, then it is easy to open QuickBooks Company file using the new folder but you using the Company file on any system, and you should perform step 4.
  • Now click on the start button of the windows and you select the program.

Solution 6: 

Sure that all computer systems are working on one domain If you want to contact a Network Administrator an IT export to add your computer system to the domain.

I hope this post is very helpful for your QuickBooks Error 6129 0, you read this Article and solved Error. This Article gave the best information on how to solve QuickBooks Error 6129 0. You get the information and Solve your problem.                                                                                                                                               

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