QuickBooks Error H505

The QuickBooks error H505 is essentially a code in which an error occurs during the Company file setting, which occurs when a user works on their QuickBooks software that appears as an error show on System Screen. The disturbances can occur in the same way that the User tries to obtain records that are not legitimately designed. There are find many types of error H505 code is an arrangement code, with error codes – 6000 82, H101, H202 and H303. All errors appear for the same different reasons. When you try to convert the company file to another system, and the QuickBooks software fails to access the server, an error occurs.

What is the Reason for QuickBooks Error H505?

When You Installed in your system [server name] is set and shared connections to another company file, But the QuickBooks Software is unable to communicate reason the Error H505.

  • The Opening Company File Failed on QuickBooks Software user the company files open multi-user in single mode.
  • There are find much Reason in QuickBooks Error H505
  • The First Reason When you find.ND file is damaged corrupted or incorrect. QuickBooks is unable to access the files on a network without a functional.ND file.
  • QuickBooks Services or QuickBooks DBXX and QBCF your Monitor are not running properly.
  • When the IP address of the server can be not found.
  • If your hosting has bee not configured properly then occurs Error.
  • The Server has been not configured properly work then error occurs on Screen.
  • If the server does not has to host mode turned on. 
  • If QuickBooks Communication between the Server is not taking the place because your Quickbooks Company file setting the occurs Error.
  • It is found there is some problem with the NDS setting.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error Code H505

The Following Symptoms of the QuickBooks Error Code H505

  • When Multi-user mode cannot be used Company file.
  • When the user opens the fails QuickBooks Company file stored on the server.
  • QuickBooks program window gets damaged.
  • QuickBooks Error Code H505 Flashes show on the screen.
  • When Error occurs your System or laptop crashes again and again.
  • Your Windows may become unresponsive and freeze periodically.

How to Fix Solution QuickBooks Error H505

To Fix QuickBooks Error H505, And You can try the Solutions that are given here below.

Solution 1:

  • Firstly, You have to Open QuickBooks Software on all the users’and check that are showing an error H505 on your screen.
  • Now you navigate to QuickBooks menu and click on the company file menu.
  • You choose and utilize it under the company file menu.
  • Now you look for the option with the name- when the Host Multi-User Access. 
  • You check the next System.
  • If you received the option with the name – And Stop Hosting Multi-User Access – Choose it.
  • Now the all above -given steps are to be repeated on all of the users’ Computers or When Getting this Error were workstations.
  • After you have covered all the users and you go on System Server.
  • Now you check the server is on, then you open QuickBooks.
  • You click on the File menu to Navigate.
  • Now you choose Utilities under the file menu.

Solution 2:

  • You Can Set are to be configured to allow exceptions.
  • Firstly, You go to the Start Button on your system screen and click it.
  • Now you type the control panel in the search box.
  • Open the control panel of the window.
  • You look for the Firewall Setting conform and open it.
  • Now Go to Allow a program through the firewall.
  • After you choose the add program.
  • You have required the put of the list of exceptions- QuickBooks Error H505.
  • The Last option you restart your machine so that the changes that you have made get applied that you Error is solved or not solved if not solved then you can see the next Solution.

Solution 3:

You have verified that Quickbooks Server is running or not running

  • Firstly, You open the System and Run of the Dialog box.
  • Now the next option in the text field of the Run Box, and press the Enter.
  • The Services can also be opened through Task manager, and you have to press these keys together in windows 10 to open the task manager press Ctrl and shift and Esc Keys.
  • Now you go to the service tab.
  • Open the service tab and click on it in order to open it.
  • Now find QuickBooksDBXX service inn the Name column.
  • After you click on the service name[ User name]
  • You choose the properties from the list that appears.
  • Now you go to startup type and choose Automatic. The service should be started. if the service is started by using the start button.
  • Now you go to the Recovery tab.
  • The last option under the First failure you have the restart the service.
  • Now you check the Error is solved if the not Solved then you can see the next option.

Solution 4

You check to open the network ports that are used by QuickBooks for the sending and receiving data.

  • Firstly, You open the Window and click on the Control panel.
  • Now you choose the System and Security.
  • You Can open the Firewall Window and click on next.
  • Choose the Advanced setting look for it.
  • Now you click on the left, and go to Inbound Rules and do right-Click on it.
  • You choose the new rule and select the port in the rule type.
  • Now you have the add the necessary QuickBooks ports.
  • Choose the next button after Click on completing the above step.
  • Now you chose the appears window and allow the connection – among the options given there.
  • Select the next and Now choose the network type for applying this rule.
  • Now give a name and rule after that clicks on the Finish button.
  • You now check whether you are now facing QuickBooks Error H505 or not.

Solution 5:

This Solution Gives the involves editing of the Windows hosts file.

  • Firstly, You open the Run server.
  • Now you open the Command Prompt by type the CMD in the Run Window.
  • You can run the command “ipconfig/all”.
  • Now you note down on a proper or text file Computer name and IP Address for all workstation and host.

This post is very helpful for  Your QuickBooks Error H505, If you facing this Error then you can read this Article and solved your problem. There are given the best information and Solution of QuickBooks Error. 

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