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How To Easily Fix QuickBooks Error 99001?

As we all know that QuickBooks is one of the most famous and trustworthy accounting software programs that many of the small, medium or big sized businesses use. And, this is one of the main and important reasons why, Intuit, the best team behind QuickBooks software always gets the most useful features and many of the latest updates for its users. With this, these best updates are the backbone of the QuickBooks accounting software. But, some of the times damaged files cause different types of error codes. And, one such error which has generated many issues for all the users is QuickBooks error 99001.

And, here In this ultimate guide, we are going to give you the perfect and complete insight about factors like, what is QuickBooks error code 99001, how QB error 99001 just appears, the major cause of this error code in QuickBooks software, and how to easily fix this error.

What is a QuickBooks Error 99001?

At times while the users just opening QuickBooks company files, they may get one of the following major symptoms.

  • The QuickBooks error code 99001 arrives on the system screen and simply crashes all the actual & active Windows.
  • Your system often crashes with the unwanted error code.
  • The message simply displaying the unexpected QuickBooks error 99001 arrives.
  • Your system starts stopping for a few seconds and a minute at a time.

What are the causes of QuickBooks Error Code 99001?

Most of the QuickBooks errors are generated because of some reasons. This is why there is no specific reason as to why error code 99001 occurs in QuickBooks software. So, here are some major causes that users usually come across.

  • When your QuickBooks company file is open on another system in single-user mode, this error code 99001 happens.
  • And, when your file may be simply located in any read-only network folder of your system, you may face this error.
  • Also, when the files are just hosted on a Linux server and with this maybe using more than one set of login credentials to simply sign on the shared folder.
  • Your file may be just obtained using remote software and the host computer may be still seeing that the QuickBooks user is still logged on. At that point, the users definitely encounter this QuickBooks error.

Quick Fixes Solutions for QuickBooks Error 99001

So, as now all of you know what this error code is and also the major causes of it, and now, here are some of the easy & quick solutions that you can simply follow in order to fix the QuickBooks error code 99001. 

These solutions are very easy to just follow and also these easy methods do not take much time. So, even if one of the methods does not resolve the error code, simply try to use others and you will get the problem under control very easily.

Solution 1:- Use the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

This first solution is one of the easiest solutions for QuickBooks errors is to just download and simply run the QuickBooks file doctor.

  • In the first step, just download the QuickBooks file doctor tool on your operating system.
  • After that, simply install the setup.
  • Now, just run the most amazing QuickBooks file doctor tool.

Solution 2:- If the File is Open on another workstation in Single User Mode

  • First of all, just close all the actual and active Windows on the QuickBooks desktop in all the systems in the workstation.
  • And then, simply open the QuickBooks company file from the host computer.
  • In this step, in QuickBooks desktop, just go to the file menu option and then, simply switch the single user-mode to multi-user mode.
  • At last, just reboot the workstation.

Solution 3:- If the File is in a Read-Only Network Folder

  • First, simply check for the system which is just hosting the QuickBooks company file. And then, just search for the folder where it is simply saved and after that, open it.
  • Now, just open the properties option of the folder in which the QuickBooks company file is simply stored.
  • In this step, simply go to the security tab option and then, just choose the user’s account which is just facing the unwanted problem of logging in.
  • And after that, just do a click on the edit option and then, simply provide full control of the hosting computer.
  • Lastly, simply click on the apply option and after that, just do a click on the OK button to simply save all the changes.

Solution 4:- Just Close the Remote Access

  • First of all, simply move the mouse pointer to the taskbar and then, do a right-click on it.
  • In this second step, just select the task manager option and simply go to the process tab.
  • Now, simply check whether the company file which you are just attempting to open is already in process or not.
  • And finally, if the QuickBooks company file is already running under the user, at that point, just restart your computer.

We hope that now, implementing all these easy and quick solutions you are capable of easily fix the QuickBooks error 99001.

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