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Get Instant & Easy Support To Fix QuickBooks Error 3140

As everyone knows that QuickBooks accounting software is always used by many of the users worldwide. But with this, also these users frequently complain about many issues & errors that keep popping up their system screen while they simply using QuickBooks software. And, one of the quite famous & very common errors is QuickBooks error 3140. Here in this most useful guide, we will talk about error code 3140 and also will try and gives you an instant & easy support to just fix it in different ways.

What is the QuickBooks Error 3140?

QuickBooks error code 3140 happens because of some error & default behavior when a new & latest sales receipt is generated by any QuickBooks desktop user. Also, when the QuickBooks users import any kind of orders using the best tool that is QuickBooks web connector. So, at that time, QuickBooks software always remembers the last deposit account used which causes this error 3140 in QuickBooks.

Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 3140

Basically, the QB error 3140 is generated by anyone of the situations which are simply discussed below.

  • When the QuickBooks users are using a very old or outdated version of QuickBooks software, this error code might happen in QuickBooks software.
  • And, when your system gets affected because of some quite heavy & dangerous virus or malware attack.
  • This QuickBooks 3140 error also caused because of some wrong or invalid entries in the Windows registry.

What are the Symptoms Of QuickBooks Error 3140?

  • When this error code simply comes on your system screen, your system gets crashed suddenly the error comes on your system screen.
  • The QB error code 3140 with a complete description just pops up on your Pc screen regularly.
  • Also, because of this error, your Windows responds very slowly to any type of command.
  • With this, also your computer starts to get freeze for a while.

Instant Solutions to Fix the Error Code 3140 in QuickBooks Software

QuickBooks error 3140 can be solved easily, quickly and properly by following the different solutions which are mentioned below. Just follow these two solutions step-by-step and get rid of this very unexpected QB error.

Solution One:-

  • First of all, just repair all the registry entries that are simply related to QuickBooks error 3140.
  • And then, once you have completed the first step, after that, simply scan your complete system to verify if it is affected by malware or not.
  • In this step, simply clean all the files & folders that are not just made use of and also delete them from your PC.
  • Now, just update all the drivers of your system to the latest, new and the best version.
  • Next, you are simply needed to set a restore point in your Window system. And, you can easily reset back to it whenever you just need it.
  • Then, just verify all the Windows programs that are simply related to QuickBooks accounting software. After that, uninstall and then reinstall all these programs so that your QuickBooks software functions efficiently.
  • In this step, when you have completed the previous step, just run the amazing and excellent system file checker on your Windows system.
  • And finally, you have to simply carry out a clean & complete installation on QuickBooks software on Windows.

Solution Two:-

  • In the second solution, first, click on the start button.
  • And after that, simply type update in the search box field and then, do a click on the enter button.
  • Now, once you have completed that process, the Windows update dialogue box will just pop up on the users’ system screen.
  • And at the end, simply click on the install updates option in case any updates are just available in QuickBooks software.

In Conclusion

Many of the QuickBooks users tend to panic usually when the unwanted QuickBooks error code 3140 just crashes their system or stops all the active or running programs. With this, the users get even very shocked and also more upset when their computer takes many hours to restart. 

With all of this, also the error 3140 always affects your all work and thereby all the important business operations as well. Hence, in order to just avoid such type of error codes, we always recommend you to simply increase your system speed. Because this is one of the most valuable & useful things that we use all the time.

We hope that by following these two solutions which are given above, you have been just capable to solve your QuickBooks error 3140.

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